An impactful survey is necessary to achieve high-quality and actionable CX data. With our Program Design Consult, we will work with you to design and implement surveys that match your needs. This includes expert research design of your surveys, along with guidance on scaling, questionnaire wording and creating effective invitation designs.


Organizations committed to providing best-in-class customer experience must decide whether or not to evolve beyond measurement-oriented programs to the next frontier of driving behavioral and culture change. A Program Assessment utilizing the AND Agency CX Maturity Path can help you determine where you are on that journey.

AND Agency will help you determine where gaps exist between your current CX program and best practices in the industry. Learn from our experiences with the top organizations in the world and let us help you define best practices to consider as you build your program.

We will provide you with a continuum of proven steps that help improve customer experience, align employee engagement and behaviors, and ultimately increase revenues and profitability.

Read our white paper to determine where your program is situated on the CX Maturity Path.


There is no one best metric to assess the performance of your CX program. Whether its NPS, Customer Effort, or CSAT—we will advise in selecting a metric that works for you. The key is to select one metric and measure it over time to build a baseline. Once you pick a metric it doesn’t mean you have to stick to it forever, but can move to another or we can advise you on creating your own.

Here are a few key metrics to consider:
Net Promoter Score (NPS):
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT):
Customer Effort Score (CES):
Create Your Own Proprietary Metric:

Or you can even go outside of the conventional metrics and create your own. AND Agency can help you identify and customize a metric that is best suited for your business need.


Customer journey mapping is a compact visualization of the end-to-end experience that a customer has with an organization.

AND Agency’s approach helps you plot out all customer touch points, identify gaps where service issues can occur, and align your CX program to address these gaps. Focus areas for this optimization service include customer onboarding and new product sales where traditional customer journey mapping gaps frequently occur.

An important outcome of the work is a visual representation of the steps and emotional states a specific customer goes through over a period of time to accomplish a specific goal, taking into account not only what happens to them, but also their responses to their experiences. As a result, your organization will enhance your employee’s ability to improve a customer’s experience by better defining and acting on the full complement of touch points that impact that experience.