AND Agency’s Customer Feedback Management (CFM) platform is a best-in-class SaaS-based solution that houses all of your Voice of Customer (VOC) data.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Sophisticated and intuitive user design
  • Fully dynamic data environment that enables analysis of any combination of variables, including integration of customer experience data with internal data sources (behavioral data, social media, operational metrics, etc)
  • Houses multi-year datasets to facilitate integrated longitudinal and trending analysis
  • Dynamic text analytics of open-ended customer comments to gain real-time insights on customer feedback. Our analytics show how topics relate to experience, how they vary over time, and where within the customer base these topics are most active
  • Word clouds to visually show the most commonly used words, highlighting those that are used most frequently
  • Sentiment analysis to help users determine the “sentiment” (positive, negative, neutral) of select words in each customer comment
  • User-based dashboards (eg. frontline, regional, executive)
  • The platform offers defined user roles to tailor access by role/function, enabling the use of a single tool through Single Sign-On capabilities
Read our white paper on why organizations should view CFM not as a technology initiative, but rather as a component part of the organization-wide CX program.