customer experience (CX) solutions



Case Management turns insights into actions—by providing a complete, closed-loop system for automating customer workflows, making sure you follow up with high-risk customers with customer issue tracking, and feeding case information back into your CX solution to drive meaningful change.

Front-line employees manage all internal Actions that relate to survey level data. Users can quickly and easily update, manage, and close actions for internal coaching of front-line employees, helping to drive improvements across the organization. The Alerting and Action Management tools provide simple and immediate escalation of customer complaints/requests for follow-up.

Flexible alerting based upon hierarchies, drives question-based alerts to members of the call-back team in real-time via an automated notification system.


Close the loop with employees and equip them with prescriptive advice on how to effectively take action on customer feedback.

AND Agency helps organizations move beyond tactical efforts – following up with customers and resolving issues on a case-by-case basis - and move toward an action planning model to identify recurring problems/themes and create associated action plans for continuous improvement.

Read our white paper on why it is important to extend your CX program to "back-office" employees who also have a substantial effect on the customer experience.


Complement your survey data by listening to unsolicited and unstructured feedback from customers and the general population on social media sites in real time. Organizations are increasingly required to understand, support, and engage with their customers and prospects via social web channels and this tool allows you do it by listening to:

  • Broad word of mouth mentions across the public, non-password-protected web
  • Millions of sites covering blogs, forums, video and photo sites, radio sites, TV/news sites and social networks (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc)
  • Your own social media page and those of your competitors

Results will be reported and highlighted in AND Agency’s cutting-edge CFM platform.