AND Agency has been conducting telephone interviewing for decades for clients across multiple industries, including financial services and telecommunications. We provide you with reliable data on B2B, B2C and hard to reach audiences.

Call Center Highlights:

  • Three call center locations in Toronto, San Antonio and Monterrey, Mexico
  • 250+ highly-trained interviewers, with expertise in B2B, B2C and executive interviewing
  • Multi-lingual interviewers, gathering data in 13 languages
  • Modern CATI technology, including predictive and automatic dialing, remote monitoring, and call recording

AND Agency set the benchmark for market research excellence, reflected in our adherence to industry standards.

We have put in place the necessary practices and equipment to ensure we can field CATI projects with U.S. mobile telephone numbers in a manner that is compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

We also offer programming, translation and data processing services to complement our CATI offering.

Digital Integration:
If some of your CATI respondents mention they don’t have time to complete the survey, no problem, we can give them the option to complete the survey online. We will then merge the data from both modes in real time, allowing for accurate in-field reporting of number of completions and results.

Digital Recruit:
If your customer email/mobile database is small, we can build it by soliciting respondent digital contact information during their telephone survey through our Digital Recruit program. You can then use the new information (email address, mobile number) for future digital surveys.


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an easy way to conduct surveys in a fraction of the time and cost of having live agents dial.

You can access a larger audience, including under-represented demographics and cell phone-only households.

AND Agency recommends that IVR be also used in conjunction with additional sampling methods, allowing for multi-mode data collection.


Email surveys are a powerful way to reach your customers, especially since more and more are cutting their landline telephone.

Benefits of email surveys:

  • Improved coverage, as you can reach certain customer segments that would be difficult otherwise (e.g. cell phone-only households, millennials, etc)
  • Offer convenience to customers
  • Gain more candid feedback
  • Allows for more complex question structures
  • More cost effective
  • Visual/audio capabilities

Our surveys offer intelligent design to render surveys across multiple platforms, operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows), browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Android Browser, Internet Explorer) and devices.

AND Agency adheres to CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) and CAN-SPAM legislation, as well as the strictest accessibility standards.

Our CX experts will help maximize response rates for your program and provide an optimal user experience. Read our case study on how we increased response rates by 125% for a national bank.


Your website is the extension of your brand. Most customers today research your product and services online before they even make contact with you. It’s important to make sure you’re providing a great customer experience on your website that is consistent with your branch experience.

Through a web-intercept program, visitors to your website will receive a pop-up to solicit feedback after they complete a web transaction or spent time reviewing your site.

Intercepts are a highly effective, low-cost tool that can poll a large number of consumers in a relatively short time. It allows you to identify:

  • What was the main reason they visited the website
  • What specifically they wanted to do on website and if they were to complete it
  • How they rate their overall experience on the website
  • What their overall opinion of company was based on visiting the website
  • Their likelihood of contacting/visiting company after visiting website
  • Whether they used certain website features during their visit


Get a quick and accurate response through today’s most commonly used method of communication. SMS/text surveys are particularly suited for short transactional customer feedback, which allows respondent to complete the survey via URL or text-based SMS.

Results are quick; in our experience, 97% of mobile respondents will read an SMS message within 15 minutes of receiving it; 84% of those who respond will do so within the first hour. Conversely, approximately 90% of email survey respondents complete the survey within 48 hours.

AND Agency adheres to the TCPA legislation for US-based surveys.


AND Agency supports location-based detection survey capabilities via sophisticated geo-fencing technology. We can place a virtual fence around each retail location so that a survey is triggered when a mobile device enters the fenced radius, allowing you to get immediate feedback from your customers.


Get instantaneous feedback, allowing for immediate action by leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) Code tags for in-branch or exit feedback. Respondents scan their mobile phone over a QR code or tap their phone over an NFC sticker to begin a survey. The information encoded can be text, URL, or other data.

Companies have traditionally collected CX feedback through a single mode, generally via telephone or email-based surveys. Over the past decade, many have added online surveys, text/SMS and social media listening posts to their CX programs.

Completion rates and data robustness often improve when you allow respondents to choose the method of response they prefer. For example, customers that interact with you through websites and mobile phones are more inclined to participate in and spend time to completing an online or mobile survey.

Telephone and digital survey results can be merged in real time, allowing for accurate in-field reporting of number of completions and results.

Read our white paper to learn why all organizations committed to CX should extend data collection methods to encompass all customer communication modes and how to approach the challenges associated with eliciting customer feedback through several modes.

Recruit your ideal respondents on the telephone to participate in an online survey.

This methodology is typically used when your customer email database is small or if you’re looking to target a population that is too narrow to reach using an online panel provider.

Utilize our recruiting experience to generate a high volume of data that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Read our Client Success Story.


Acquire a true understanding of how your clients experience doing business with you by having our mystery shoppers investigate the professionalism and quality of your staff. With a mystery shop program you can ensure that your employees are performing as intended and presenting the right image of your brand to customers.

AND Agency has designed and conducted mystery shopping programs throughout Canada. Read our case study on how we helped a client determine whether their front-line staff was consistently adhering to established best practices and optimizing the customer experience.


Gain critical information on your brand, product or service using our focus group services either in-person or online. The purpose of focus groups is not to measure but to uncover issues, reactions and perceptions among your target.

AND Agency will recruit the right respondents and arrange a session at the right place and have an expert moderator (B2B and B2C) to provide line of questioning.

Our analysts will then gather all of the information and turn it into actionable insight.


Panels allow you to reach a targeted and willing audience to share their candid opinions.

We have an extensive network of B2B and B2C partner panels from multiple countries to allow you to select the ones that are most relevant to you. Our blended panel approach ensures we maximize feasibility on each and every study and deliver the results that you need.


Supplement your CX program with a customized one-time research study to address a specific research question. At AND Agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to gather the creative skills, appropriate techniques and innovative designs required to solve custom research problems.

We use our years of experience in a broad variety of sectors to design unique solutions.


AND Agency will provide one-stop support throughout all stages of research, from program design to data collection to reports and analysis.


AND Agency conducts its programming in-house. We are able to program in both CATI and digital modes, from simple screeners to complex modules.


AND Agency handles the majority of translation services in-house. For quality assurance, we involve a native language speaker to review the translations before we field the study.


Turn data into actionable insights using our data processing services. AND Agency offers complex banners and custom tables. We can also include significance testing for any report.

Data is typically provided in SPSS, CSV and Excel formats. Raw data verbatim comments can be provided in Excel if required.


AND Agency can automatically filter inappropriate words or phrases so they are never reported.

We can also apply any client-directive editing. For example, you can specify that we remove negative mentions which single out staff members by name, and a broader range of comments which could be deemed as racist, discriminatory, offensive or hateful.


We have a team of knowledgeable in-house coders with extensive market research backgrounds. Your dedicated project manager will review your data and suggest the best method for analysis and coding.