AND Agency offers optimization services to drive behavioral and cultural change within your organization.


AND Agency can help you gain employee buy-in and secure cross-functional alignment by positioning your CX program within your organization’s strategic priorities.

  • Effectively communicate the purpose and objectives of the CX program internally so that staff can better connect and identify with its goals
  • Keep program top of mind with continuous communication through multiple channels to drive instant recognition, buy-in and behavior change
  • Put a name and a face to the NPS program; it should not be perceived as an added responsibility or something being ‘pushed’ down to employees
With this optimization you can expect to see more seamless cross-functional collaboration making it easier to action initiatives and improved staff alignment and buy-in on CX objectives.  

One of the most important aspects of delivering a great experience is to make sure your employees are aligned with the most important drivers of customer experience.

CX does not start with the customer; it actually starts with the employee. There is a direct correlation between how valued an employee feels and how they value the customer.

  • Alignment is different than the typical HR employee engagement survey, as it focuses on what’s important to customers – not just what’s important to employees
  • Employee Alignment complements the customer experience strategy, as employees know first-hand what works and what doesn’t. If employees are unhappy, so are customers; employee can help uncover ‘unknown unknowns’ or identify problems that managers are unaware of
  • It has galvanizing effect on employees; reveals the extent employees understand the importance OF CX, the company’s strategy for managing it and how their role impacts the end result
With an Employee Alignment program you can motivate customer-facing and back-office employees to make providing excellent customer experience service a top priority.

Read our white paper on how Employee Alignment can take your CX program to new heights.


Your organization is committed to providing a high-quality candidate experience; how you treat your future stars is reflective of your brand.

AND Agency can get feedback from those who recently applied to a position on the recruiting process by completing a brief anonymous survey to help improve the candidate experience. Learn about what factors contributed to candidates in considering the role with your company, how clear the description of the role was including required skills and competencies needed to be successful, whether the application process was intuitive, and if they view your company favorably.